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Question: When did you realize Danny was the one?

"Where was awhile when I was younger, where it was really hard, and then I could never stop thinking about him, and then one day he text me and he was in venice, Italy and he texted me and said ‘You would love it here’ and then I just knew everything was just gonna…work itself out. I don’t know, not being with me made him sad too. So, we worked it out." 

and then she cries a little and then WE ALL CRY ALOT...or was that just me?-Meester

How can you not love Lindsey?

Anonymous asked: I agree with your post! But i do feel like it can be very difficult to get over the divorce when all that viewers are being told is to get over it. This is a couple that alot of us have watched for 5+ years and because we only see part of their lives the divorce came as a shock and is hard to cope with when you didnt see it coming. I think people just need more time and less of charles telling everyone to move on because he did. we see he has moved on.

i personally think people should move on because now there’s no point in dwelling on the past he’s well over her and it’s not like they’re gonna get back together. to each their own.

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Anonymous asked: You said Charles 'claims' he didn't cheat. Charles didn't cheat!


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I usually wait until bed to watch the vlogs but I couldn’t resist today.

I’m truly disgusted that some people are so affected by the divorce of two other people that they don’t know that they would go as low as to attack Charles’s health. It really tore me apart to have to watch him talk about him living in fear everyday because of his sickness. The fact that some people feel entitled enough to bring up something that personal in his life is just wrong. Charles has made mistakes, he’s said things he shouldn’t have, done things he shouldn’t have, but that in no way deserves attacks and horrid comments about how long he has left to live or how he deserves what he’s dealing with ect ect. Charles knows the severity of his condition, the last thing he needs is to be reminded of it everyday by people he once confided in. Like Charles said he’s been doing this for 6 years and in that time we only saw 10-15 minutes of his 24 hour day. We didn’t see the nights they spent in different rooms or the times they fought because those were personal moments that they didn’t want to share. There’s no use in digging up and analyzing what is in the past because both Charles and Alli have moved on.

  • Charles claims he didn’t cheat. End of discussion.
  • Alli didn’t cheat. End of discussion.
  • They’re both happier apart and were not going to stay together for the sake of daily vlogging or for your preference. End of discussion.
  • Charles is dating Allie and he’s happy. End of discussion.
  • These are Charles’s vlogs and he will include what he wants in them. End of discussion.
  • It’s Charles’s life he will do what he wants and there’s nothing any of us can do about it. End of discussion.
  • It’s okay to disagree with Charles but it’s never okay to attack him in the comments, attack the people he loves, or attack his illness. 
  • It’s okay to be done with the vlogs, Charles, and the CTFxC if you don’t like what its become. It’s not okay to comment how you unsubscribed and trash talk either Charles or Allie in that comment because literally no one cares. 

It’s been almost 4 months, it’s time to move on. I know that Charles has a habit of dropping people and expecting us to do the same but it’s not like Alli has disappeared completely, you can keep up with her here and here. You can also watch her YouTube videos here, she updates regularly and makes truly amazing content. She will always be a part of the CTFxC and Charles’s life but they’ve both gone their separate ways, the bickering between fans needs to stop.

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